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Detox Your Skin This New Year!
So easy to get started on detoxing your skin. Select from any of my Facials here below because they ALL have steps in the treatment to DETOX your skin. I will describe the ingredients that purify your skin during your Facial & your product purchase to keep it up at home. Also, you get $10 off your Facial AND 4 complimentary product samples with any product purchase ($24 value)!!
$10 off:
Excellence Code Facial
Time Resist Facial
Essential White Facial
Advanced Optimizer Facial
Stress & Your Skin
Holiday Stress along with a little too much "cheer" can leave your skin looking dull, tired & puffy. Throw in the sudden onslaught of the cold weather outside & the dry heat inside & all the moisture is now sucked right out of your skin. If you want to get your skin GLOWING again, make an appt for one of these Facials & product recommendations. 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Time Resist Facial
Get this revolutionary Facial & witness the results of Plant Stem Cell Technology on your Face!
Schedule now: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial
Collagen is essential for keeping our skin strong & FIRM. As we age, our collagen decreases, we are left with thinner skin, lesser elasticity, and wrinkles. Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial delivers on Peptides, Collagen & more in this treatment.
Call for your appt: 831.320.6663
Yonka Boosters
These Boosters are FABULOUS! I am including personalized complimentary Boosters in my featured Facials on Special listed here. They are all great, but my FAVE this time of year is Nutri+, & here's why: This ultra-energetic oil nourishes & revitalizes all skin types & ages that are weakened, whether dry or oily. Skin lights up recovering its suppleness, tone & vitality.
Call to order your Booster, & schedule a facial w/booster:
$10 off Gayle's Excellence Code Facial
Mature skin has thinner, looser tissue, deeper wrinkles, a lack of radiance, and slower self-repair which requires Yonka's most advanced technology for skin to be reprogramed with revolutionary cell-energy complex. Acts on all signs of aging including wrinkles, firming, dark spots, dehydration & radiance. Call: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Essential White Facial
A dual purpose Facial. Advanced formula for ALL skin types targeting super strengths of glycolic acid, lactic acid, Vit C & hyaluronic acid + so much more to even skin tones & give smooth, tight, firm skin!  
For appt: 831.320.6663
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
(Great for teens & Acne/Oily Skin)
This facial is designed to synergistically diminish acne causing bacteria and stimulate the immune system. Attention to detail on personal home care to get rid of acne. Recommended for teenage and adult acne. Extractions require product purchase to stop breakouts.
(This treatment does not have a discount & price is $165.
Call Gayle for details before scheduling) 831.320.6663
Men's Facials @ Body Resultz
Hey Guys, everything I wrote about Detoxing your Skin and Holiday Stress on your Skin here at the start of this Blog is true for your skin as well. So, don't neglect your skin! I recommend you get my Essential White Facial (I customize this treatment for Guys).
Call for details: 831.320.6663
Gayle's 2022 New Year's
Resolutions for Skin Care
I have listed my Top 10 Resolutions for you here....just click the BUTTON!
Time to wax?
Wherever the New Year takes you, January is a great time to get consistent with your Wax Appointments. Human hair regrowth is every 4 to 5 weeks, get in here soon & avoid embarrassment of unwanted hair (Body & Face). 831.320.6663
Wishing you all "Raise Your Glass" for 2022!!!
Bring in the New Year with some laughs with BRIAN REGAN's new Netflix's standup comedy "On the Rocks".
As usual, I can't thank you enough for your ongoing Biz & Support. Cheers" to the best New Year & to seeing you soon!
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