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Spring into Great Skin with Gayle
Re-Opened Mid January & safe to say I do not expect anymore closings! Please read "Safe & Sanitized" @ Body Resultz towards bottom in this Blog.
$10 off Gayle's TOP 4 Facials
Did you know?....
I always offer a mix of my "Anti-Aging Facials" on Special so I can evaluate your skin for the best selection to improve in a correction to keep the Aging process away from your skin. Here they are for March:
Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial
Gayle's Essential White Facial
Gayle's Time Resist Facial
Gayle's Excellence Code Facial
$10 off Gayle's Time Resist Facial
This is a great Facial this time of year for nourishing your skin. Glorious ingredients of Plant Based Stem Cells. Your face deserves this Facial right now! Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
I always think of YONKA so much more in Spring when all the plants & flowers start to get our attention. In the heart of Yonka products & treatments, the "Quintessence" & it's 5 essential oils with extraordinary powers (left to right here above: Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Cypress & Geranium) reinforces the effectiveness of our natural active ingredients from plants from all over the world! Please remember this when you receive your next YONKA Facial & purchase YONKA products here with me @ Body Resultz.
$10 off Gayle's Essential White Facial´╗┐
This Facial is spectacular on so many levels for all ages, male & female. Exfoliates, Brightens & helps normalize the skin pigmentation process with an elegant texture, natural enzymes & acids work in tandem to reveal a smooth & velvety complexion.
Get this Facial now to look great for Spring holidays.
More Details: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial
Emphasis on importance of PEPTIDES for Anti-Aging!
My NEW Advanced Optimizer Facial has continued to be a top seller here at Body Resultz. The details on the PEPTIDES & active ingredients in this amazing new Facial are here in the BUTTON. For important info & why you need this Facial NOW, Please click here below:
Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Excellence Code Facial
Big "comeback" now on my Excellence Code Facial. Maybe because my Excellence Code Facial MASQUE has a delivery system that truly does make your skin "juicy". This Facial is designed to act on all signs of aging including wrinkles, firming, dark spots, dehydration & radiance. Call for appointment: 831.320.6663
Microcurrent Facial Toning!
The "Top 4 Facials" listed here ALL include my 12 minute "Lift" session on my MICROCURRENT Toning equipment which infuses Yonka Mesonium anti-aging serum. AWESOME! Please call me for details on Microcurrent Facial Toning: 831.320.6663
Gayle's Facials for Guys
Yes, I do ALL the same Anti-Aging Facials for Guys.
Just read the same descriptions above, pick up the phone and call me to get your appointment scheduled asap!
They love all the STEAM & Hot towel wraps soaked in aromatherapy, extractions, exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, facial massage, relaxation & AMAZING RESULTS!!
Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
Time to Wax!!
I actually don't want you to lay in the sun like this unless you have used lots of my Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30. Anyway, you need to get waxed NOW to be ready for your bathing suits & Spring/Summer clothing...
& even gym attire.
Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
SAFE & SANITIZED @ Body Resultz!
YES! I have received my Covid Vaccinations!
By the time you get this Blog, I will have received both of my Covid Vaccinations! I also have taken EVERY measure to insure I am providing top quality Sanitation equipment & procedures for my clients. Additionally, I started my DEEP CLEANING process early on in the Pandemic by taking everything out of my shop then scrubbing & sanitizing floor to ceiling / front to back...then fresh coat of new colored paint throughout & daily maintaining sanitation on
ALL surfaces.
Do not hesitate to get your skin care services & products here @ Body Resultz! 831.320.6663
Thank you everyone for you ongoing Biz & Support @ Body Resultz
In honor of all our Santa Cruz Spring Flowers...
a little "Somewhere over the Rainbow" from "You've Got Mail" (Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan)
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Gayle Whitehead
1001 Center St # 3 Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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