Gayle's NEW Back Facial Treatment is here!

What is a Back Facial? Maintaining your skin's health isn't only about keeping your face clear. ... Back Facials can be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin.
Maintaining your skin’s health isn’t only about keeping your face clear. Baring a bumpy back can be stressful but back facials can help your skin to glow all over. So you can feel confident in any outfit!
Please note: This Back Facial treatment requires laying down flat on my Hydraulic Lift Bed. You can turn your head Left & Right, but not down into a “Doughnut” piece. Please try this position on your own bed to make sure you'll be comfortable for the 90 minute service BEFORE you schedule.
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My Personal Need for
Back Facial
OK....I have mature, dry skin..& to add to my condition is the fact that I swim 45 min every other day in an outdoor pool loaded with chlorine & other chemicals. My back started to feel itchy & even burn a little. These are symtoms of DRY, DEHYDRATED skin that caused alot of discomfot & continued to get worse. Luckily I had a friend take pictures so I could see...WOW! I started to do gentle exfoliations & apply product to create a correction. Your back might also have dry, dehydrated skin. Make an appt with me so I can see your back asap. My Back Facial is fantastic as a matter of personal hygiene as well. Don't wait for a problem to come your way! 831.320.6663
Back facials are, for the most part, a painless extraction process. The facial typically begins with a gentle steaming to open pores and lift impurities, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. I also spend time using a new technology with unique micro-dermal impression tool AND Thermaphore steam heat pad..yum! This facial for back concludes with a therapeutic mask, followed by a relaxing neck, back, and shoulder massage.  
My Introduction offer is $10 off
Back Facial 90 min treatment $100
As any spot sufferer will know, the back can be a particularly problematic area - tufts of back hair, longer locks and sweaty skin all contribute to ‘bacne’ and a good old scrub in the shower just won’t shift that sebum that blocks pores and causes breakouts. A back facial, which typically involves a combination of deep cleansing and massage techniques, treats problem areas at the source; unclogging and purifying congested pores. Did I mention that it makes for a great stress reliever too?
If you have especially congested skin, a detox treatment will most likely be suggested as any clogged pores can be manually extracted. Pain is minimal, but if you have any concerns, it’s best to let your therapist know beforehand.
Suffer from acne and other common skin disorders? Investing in a regular back facial with Gayle is said to help reduce untimely breakouts!
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Make sure your back looks beautiful to show off back & should areas! Heredity may also be a factor in how acne affects you. If one or both of your parents had acne, you’re at a greater risk for inheriting the triggers that cause overproduction of sebum and lead to clogged follicles Environmental and situational factors may also play a role in form of heat, pressure or friction. Pollution and high humidity can also be factors in back acne because they create the perfect conditions for clogged pores and breakouts.
My 25+ years as licensed clinical esthetician has richly rewarded me with 11+ years working for a plastic surgeon & 2 Dermatologists and more than 15 years working in Spa environments. Stands to reason why I have designed my NEW Back Facial to include sterilized processes for extractions as well as the finest in therapeutic protocols with holistic products from Africa, India,etc.
The 2 videos here below show a good representation of a mix I do in my service of my Back Facial! 831.320.6663
If you participate in sports, you can get back acne along your hairline from wearing a helmet. Tight uniforms that put a lot of pressure on the skin can also be a cause of back acne. Students toting around heavy backpacks can develop acne on their backs from the pressure of the straps. People who work outside in hot weather can develop acne from too-tight clothing. People who drive a lot can be prone to back acne from the pressure of the seat on their backs.
If your back looks to be this stage of acne, you will need a series of 3 or 4 Back Facials within a Five week period.
Please call Gayle asap for assistance with acne condition if you are in this advanced condition of Acne as you will need to schedule right away. 10% discount for series of 4 treatments if completed within 5 weeks. 831.320.6663
My Back Facial is great for getting rid of Milia
on Back of Arms & Shoulders!
Milia are small dome-shaped bumps or cysts that often appear in clusters and which occur as a result of dead skin becoming trapped in pockets on the skin’s surface. Yellow or white in color, they are seldom itchy or painful-to-the-touch, although they may be easily irritated by rough clothing and sheets. Milia are different from Keratosis Pilaris. And, of course I will show you how to use my products to keep Milia away after your Back Facial! 831.320.6663
(There is a $20 add on fee for the shoulders & Arms to be included.)
I am selling some of the items & products for you to keep up your Back Facial at home. I am excited to hear from you so you can get your back healthy & glowing soon!
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