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My Happy Thanksgiving Gift to ALL of you...

A Brand new YONKA Facial Treatment !

Yes, this treatment is groundbreaking for me on several levels:

This treatment is designed to focus & highlight Yonka's new

Vitamin Serum C 25:

  • It is approximately 70 mins in time (unless you add on the 15 min Microcurrent "Lift" program which is a $15 add on).
  • I have adjusted the price to $135 for this treatment only
  • I will be using 5 aromatherapy soaked towels, but not steam
  • Happy to add on my foot masssage as a $15 add on.
  • AND, of course I am continuing my CLASSIC Top 4 Facials with $10 off!!!

ALL the above were adjustments to my longer Facials that you beautiful clients with BUSY lives have suggested I should offer.

I will have more specifics on this new Facial Treatment titled:

Gayle's YONKA Vitamin C 25 Facial Treatment

in the weeks to come, along with placement/description on my website.

See Below for some details on Yonka Vitamin C25 Facial Treatment:

Yon-Ka Vitamin C25

A facial treatment super-powered by Vitamin C, offering anti-aging benefits. Introducing Vitamin C25 anti-aging brightening & smoothing treatment. This facial treatment is a multi-corrective anti-aging Vitamin C treatment featuring a Professional-strength peel; full strength 25% Vitamin C ampoule - an exclusive professional product; & skin clarifying modeling mask. It perfectly combines effectiveness & sensory appeal at the intersection of medicine & spa treatments,

complete rejuvenation.

Call Now to schedule: 831.320.6663

NEW Gayle Explains "Daily Defense SPF 33" Click Here!

$10 Off Gayle's Top 4 Facials

Time Resist Facial

Essential White Facial

Advanced Optimizer Facial

Excellent Code Facial

$10 off Time Resist Facial

At the heart of this velvety & hydrating formula is an all new synergy that combines new-generation PLANT BASED STEM CELLS with Lipoaminoacid to uphold your skin's youth. A fabulous treatment to bring your face back to GLOW as we you start your Holiday Season! You deserve a fabulous Facial that gives you deep pore cleansing, super hydration, yummy moisturizing and more!

Call to schedule NOW! 831.320.6663

Gayle's Time Resist Facial

$10 off Essential White Facial

Oh Dear! Did you "mess up" this past Spring/Summer and get hyperpigmentation on your face from UV exposure? Don't feel too bad...most everyone did. Hard to live in Santa Cruz & not get out in the sun for sure. Great news is that this is the time of year to really get serious about getting in here for your personalized program to even out your skin tone. Call now to make your appointmentwith me and let's do this!! 831.320.6663

Gayle's Essential White Facial

$10 off Advanced Optimizer Facial

The skin's most important protein is COLLAGEN. Collagen is essential for keeping our skin strong & firm. As we age, our collagen decreases, we are left with thinner skin, less elasticity, and wrinkles. Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial delivers on Peptides, Collagen & more in this treatment! Schedule now:


Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial

$10 Off Excellence Code Facial

Turn back the clock on your skin, as this Facial is designed to act on all signs of aging including wrinkles, firming, dark spots, dehydration & radiance. This multi-patented elixir smooths wrinkles & improves for radiant, youthful skin with reduced signs of fatigue.

Schedule Now! 831.320.6663

Gayle's Excellence Code Facial

Gayle's Facials for Guys

Yes, I do ALL the same Anti-Aging Facials for Guys.

Just read the same descriptions above, pick up the phone and call me to get your appointment scheduled asap!

They love all the STEAM & Hot towel wraps soaked in aromatherapy, extractions, exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, facial massage, relaxation & AMAZING RESULTS!!

Call: 831.320.6663

Gayle's Facials for Guys

Wax now to look great for Holidays!

November is NOT the time to stop Waxing. Lots of you are going to travel for the Holidays. Make sure you can wear a bathing suit & sports attire without embarrassment. I have the finest in European waxes for Body & Face. The best way to avoid ingrowns & sensitive breakouts is to have a very experienced esthetician (like ME!) with excellent equipment, magnified lighting & sanitation practices to give you the best outcome. Waxing every 3 to 4 weeks will provide desired results of reduced soft,

thin hair that will eventually not return.

Call for appt NOW: 831.320.6663

Waxing @ Body Resultz

Don't forget to click on the "Daily Defense" Button (half way down here above) to read exciting info on this fabulous SPF 33 Serum Mineral Sunscreen just in. It was a long time coming..(over a year) but well worth the wait! Call first: 831.320.6663

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Love and Happiness!

If you are in town, please stop by for a couple of Skincare Samples.


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